Friday, 30 September 2011

Branding Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton doesn't get a particularly good press, so a new “brand” for the city would have to focus on positive areas of Wolves which people may not be aware of.

Visually, the city is a busy clash of different architectural styles, with some classic architecture being present in building such as the public library and St. Peter's Church etc.. These types of buildings are flanked by more modern developments such as the new bus station. Contrary to belief, the city is quite green, with a variety of trees and greenery – not only in park such as West Park, but lining even the busiest shopping streets in the city centre.

In terms of industry, there is great tradition in steel, wool and the like, with many old factories scattered around the outskirts of the Wolverhampton area. The area is famed for the breweries of Banks's and Marston's, and the industry links aren't stopping there. The proposed Jaguar factory near Wolverhampton shows that this is a place in which businesses are happy to be based. This has a knock-on effect in terms of jobs, an area in which growth would be welcome.

Culturally, the area is rich – in terms of history there is plenty to be explore, and much can be discovered about music and art, spanning most of the last century to today. People are personable and friendly, but in a way which makes them unique to other areas of the country. Helped by a strong dialect/slang which all people are a party of, the inhabitants of the area offer something different to those from other cities – there's a sense of unity which stretches across the West Midlands in this way.

Wolves is a diverse place, where many different ethnicities, backgrounds, social statuses meet. There is a vast array of religious buildings (churches, Gurdwaras, Mosques) in the city – a reference to the spiritual growth of the area. This diversity does not cause divide, but tolerance in unity.

Overall, the picture of Wolverhampton could be seen to be growth. Still a relatively new classified city, Wolves is placing itself on the map with exciting new ventures, investment in the cities, new companies coming to the area, and a growing population. Any brand could also focus on the diversity here, coupling that with the unity and togetherness the area exudes. The city's motto of “Out of darkness comes light” illuminates the idea that Wolves is a city on the up, and this needs to be reflected in the branding.

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